Why you should become a flight attendant?!

Being a flight attendant is amazing. As simple as that. If you like to travel, explore the world, meet new people, discover new cultures, and if you are like me and can’t afford it on your own, you should definitely become a flight attendant. I have been in this industry for five years. During these five years, I have been to 63 countries.

So let’s make it this quick. From my point of view and my experience, this is why you should become a flight attendant : 

1. Get paid to travel.

How awesome does this sound? You can travel to all these amazing places and, at the end of the, you are the one who gets paid for it. The company I used to work for offered me a lo5 of benefits. From staying in all of these fancy hotels to getting money for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Free accommodation, free shuttle bus every 15 minutes /24 hours, and on top of that, a decent salary. 

2. Ticket discounts for you, family, and even friends.

The best part of this job for me is that I could travel on a 14 hours flight or more, and I would pay for only 10% of the value of the tickets. I was always happy when I could buy tickets for my family and friends with huge discounts. I can never forget the happiness on their faces. 

3. Flexibility in your work schedule.

Depending on the company you work for, but the one I worked for, I could have plenty of days off, and I was using the days off to travel as well. After a flight, no matter where you are, you have at least 24 hours rest. Before and after a long flight, you’ll always have two days off. Sometimes I would have five days off in a row. That was amazing.

4. Meet new amazing people. 

At the end of the day, if you a very sociable and you like to meet people, learn from them, assist them, or just have a conversation, this is the place for you. On a big aircraft, sometimes you’ll find more than 500 people. Plenty of opportunities. Plenty of superstars and VIPs. 

5. Live a fancy life. 

I remember someone on a flight said, “You guys live like millionaires but with no millions in your bank account.” Well, you know people are saying Breakfast in Paris and Dinner in Dubai? It is possible!

If you decide to embrace this career, it is something that you’ll always remember and never regret. 

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