My trip to Machu Picchu

This iconic place is full of positive energy and probably Puma after 6 pm. I guess I’ll never know because we bought tickets for 10 am, and they close at 6 pm.
There are no words that can describe the feeling that you have when you get to the scenery. If you are thinking to visit Machu Picchu here are some facts :

How did I get to Machu Picchu 

My journey started in Dubai. I bought tickets from Dubai to Orlando, Orlando Lima, Lima Cusco, and then from Cusco, I had to decide beside the famous Inca trail hike that gets you to the iconic place or the train. I choose to arrive there by train for 3.20 minutes.

I took a bus from Cuzco to Poroy and from there the train to Agua Caliente. The train ride offers you beverages, sandwiches, and some real cashmere clothes to buy. I had a fantastic experience.

Tickets and shuttle bus 

I purchased my tickets online, but once I reached Aguas Calientes, I decided to go to change them for a sooner date. It was effortless to find the ticketing office because the town is small. I bought entry tickets as well as for the shuttle bus.
The bus ride is a bit scary but comfortable and memorable. Honestly, I have never seen a shuttle bus that operates that fast despite the enormous amount of tourists. Especially coming back, the waiting lines were insane but took like less than 20 minutes.

Inside Machu Picchu

Once I entered the citadel, I had 4 hours to take full advantage of the beauty. Because I knew I cant get back inside if I would like to exit, I took with me some snacks and water. These 4 hours will fly fast. Too fast. Especially when you have to stay in line to take pictures. When I had to leave, I couldn’t believe what I have just experienced. Only indescribable feelings and positive energy that remains with you long enough to make you always want to come back.

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