Why not go to Seychelles?

La Digue 

If you go to Seychelles, La digue is a must see place.The small island is situated 15 minutes away  from Praslin, and 90 minutes from the main island Mahe with a short stopover to Praslin .

Because of the small size of the island there are no rental cars available.The best thing about this island is that you can rent bikes and go around, see turtles that are 100 years old, or just visit Anse Source D’Argent known as one of the most beautiful beach in the entire world. Believe me is so worth it!


Praslin is a bigger island. You can even rent a car or, if you like hiking, you can do that too. I remember I took the bus from where I was staying to Anse Georgette beach. Guess what? I was the first one there, no one on the beach, the beauty I’ve experienced at 9 am are indescribable, by 10 am people started to arrive, but still not never as crowded as an Italian beach on Sundays.


 The first time I visited Seychelles, I went to La Digue and Praslin. The second time I when for three days on the main island, rented a car, an Airbnb place with an amazing view and, went around the island. Oh, I still remember those three days. Unbelievable. I was stopping every time I saw something intriguing. It took me all day, but it was worth it.  

If you a fancier and an Airbnb won’t be enough for you, I have stayed in Constance Epheliaand this hotel is absolutely stunning. 

Another thing about this stunning island is that it is a visa-free country! Just pack your bag and go!

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