Lyon in 24 hours

Being a flight attendant takes courage, health, and a messed up sleeping pattern. Sometimes we don’t have more than 24 hours in between flights, and no matter how tired I am, I must explore the city.

On a beautiful spring day, I found myself in the beautiful Lyon. I always wanted to visit the French city of lights, and of course, I love crepes, so this was the first thing I ate that day in the morning. I decided to sit outside Cathédrale Saint-Jean-Baptiste in the small cozy cafe that faced the big square. Next to me, I noticed a very french older man who was reading his newspaper. He saw me and started to speak to me in french. I learned French in school, and I understand a lot when people talk, but when it’s my time to answer, I can’t find the proper words.

Even though I tried to explain that I don’t speak french, he continued to talk non-stop for like 10 minutes. With this success, I found out that he has a dog who is waiting for him at home impatiently and a daughter, who is a doctor but who doesn’t live in France anymore. His wife died when his daughter was two, and he raised her alone. I was so impressed that I stopped enjoying my crepes for a second. At some point, he asked me if this is my first time in Lyon. He tried to give me some tips on where to go, but he didn’t trust me, so he offered to show me the old town, ”but let’s go quickly because my dog is waiting for me” said the french man. This 80 years old man showed me the best part of the city and some secret doors that locals use to access different parts of the old town.

We took the funicular from Fourvière to Vieux Lyon for 2 euro and then visited La Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière; What a beauty! From up there, the city seems smaller then actually is, but still fabolous.
Coming back he suggested that we walk down the hill(and this is the best thing to do as a tourist) so we can visit the Fourvière archaeological park, the Fourvière ancient theatre, the Odeon of Lyon, Roman Road, Gallo-Roman Museum, Rue de Boutiques, Temple of Cybele, all of them being on that way.

We came back to the main square. I was thrilled how helpful this person could be and how well he knew the history of the city. As an architect, the last thing he showed me was a stunning courtyard, and then he left.
After he left, I was wondering why he would want to help a total stranger? Perhaps I remind him of his daughter that he sees only once a year for Christmas, or maybe he was just bored and needed some company. Maybe. But none of this matter as long as you meet along the way these rare human beings that give us hope to move forward.

That day I was so inspired that I decided to visit at least five of the most prominent touristic attractions in Lyon. I rented a bike, and I went to Parc de la Tête d’Or, Museum of Fine Arts of Lyon, Museum of Cinema Miniature, Place Bellecour, MAM – Musée des Arts de la Marionnette.

So, thank you, Christopher, for the best private tour I’ve ever experienced.

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