My Emirates experience!!!

When my mom called me and asked me, “what am I doing with my life’ it was the year of 2013, and I had 30$ in my pocket and no credit or debit cards. I worked as an office manager for a company that paid me cash every other end of the month. I liked that job. 
A middle-aged accountant gossiping all day and a lot of uncertified doctors trying to sell medicine and me-a petite girl, poor but happy, gets 200 $ cash with no job contract. I worked there for a year, and I saw on Facebook, my ex-college friend posting different pictures from different countries, and I was amazed. I said that I want that too. Since I am a child, my dream was to travel and to see the world. 
Eight months later, I found myself on a plane to Brussels to attend an open day for a middle eastern airline. Becoming an Emirates flight attendant was never my dream. I realize now that I had no idea what am I going to do there. What’s A380? The biggest plane on the planet. Oh, ok. Yes, I’ll try. I want to see the world, and the rest doesn’t matter. 

I landed at Brussel international airport, took a train to Antwerp, and finally, I’m standing at some stranger door house, a lovely guy I met on CouchSurfing and offered me a place to sleep for almost a week. I will never forget the see-thru glass in the ceiling in his house, the rain pouring so elegant, and this blonde charming human being, shy at first but who gave me so much confidence. 
The next day I am sitting in a coffee shop, next to Hilton Hotel dressed in a black skirt and white shirt, dark jacket, heels on, red lipstick, nervous but confident. I saw a bunch of beautiful tall girls who were going in the same direction.” How can I compete with them? I am 1.60 cm, with a weird English accent”. People have no idea where my country even is. How would I ever get this job? Well, you see back then that was not what I was thinking, but it is now. 

How did I do it?

There were more than 300 people to that Open day. I listen to this beautiful polish woman, emirates flight attendant Agatha, who I remember till today. The presentation was about the company, the city, the culture, the lifestyle. I loved it. I left my CV on the table, while she told everybody that she’ll be contacting people between 3 to 4 pm only the ones who she s going to have the pleasure to invite to the next stage. I left, decided to wait for downtown, walked, walked a lot, browse the internet about the company, about how to become a flight attendant, and how to pass the interview, and then 4 hours later, I received a call, chosen for the next stage. Happy, nervous, and excited, I start browsing the internet about the interview. It didn’t help me much. 
The next day at nine o clock in the morning, I presented myself in front of Agatha, innocent and shy but with a tone of confidence. I said that I come from Moldova and that I am 23 years old. I choose your company because I like to work with different cultures, but mostly I would like to see the world. I was honest. The polish woman was observing me, from the way I stood up till I sat down, her eyes were accompanying my every move, my every word. It took a while, and everybody did the same. After this, we all waited in the hall. She came out and gave us a small paper. I was afraid to open it, but I did “ Congratulations, you passed to the next stage.’ 

The next stage was an English test, B2 level. ‘’ Congratulations, you passed.’’

And then the group conversation. Divided into two groups, and each of us had different scenarios. Going back, I realize now that not the attitude matter. The way we interact with each other, teamwork, I never interrupted anybody, disagreed, or tried to push my opinions. I talked just a little bit. I think enough. 
Asked to reach a line on the wall that she draws without hills, you were supposed to be able to reach that line. It was a requirement. 
We had each of us another situation to solve. I remember my case. “ Imagine you work in a hotel. The hotel is fully booked. Other guests arrived saying they do have a reservation. What do you do? A year before, I work on a Greek island in a hotel resort, and we had the entire summer the exact situation. The managers were redirecting them to a different branch or a different hotel, of course, apologizing. That was my answer. I am not sure if she liked it or not, but when we were waiting in the hall for those precious small papers, I was nervous. Scared one more time while opening the paper, I read, “Congratulations, you passed.’

To be continued…

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